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A peek behind the scenes...

The invitation from local filmmaker and Kate Bush devotee Kate Russell came out of the blue one day: 'Would you like to choreograph the Running Up That Hill dance for Gippsland Wuthering?" she asked.

"Umm - ok..." was my slightly tentative answer, completely unsure of what would transpire to deliver the brief.

My first call was to Jasmine Susic, who I'd met as part of Samara Cunningham's Fill the Void dance project. A trained dancer, full of enthusiasm and a young woman with a special gentle quality to her - I was sure she'd be the one to work with in creating a dance that Wutherers could learn in a short two hour workshop hosted by Studio RE.

Watch us as we worked out the moves...and you can view the final work danced on the fields of Fish Creek during the winter of 2022 here

(A huge thankyou to Kate Russell and her editing team for gifting us this visual record of a special day)

Jasmine returns to Sandy Point Community Centre on Sunday November 13 for our first creative dance workshop Dancing the Line, using simple lines drawn across a page as a starting point. Who knows what might come from tentative beginnings?

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