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What do I wear?

For Relaxation Massage, there won't be as much physical assessment, so dress as you wish. Limit the jewellery as you'll need to remove it before we start.

For Remedial Massage there's a bit more moving around during assessments when it's handy to understand how well your body is aligned. You'll feel more comfortable with closer fitting clothing or active wear for this.

How long do I get?

If you select 60 mins, that means what it says: a full hour on the table, with 15 mins for the before and after stuff (assessments, checks, a drink, arranging future bookings etc). 

There are short and snappy appointments available for neck and shoulders to keep you going, and luxurious 90 min treatments for those with a long list of issues or a desire to find that blissful state.

What if I'm running late or can't make it?

It certainly helps if you can give us as much warning as possible. Depending on the circumstances you may be charged for the appointment, but we'll often reschedule. You are welcome to gift your time to another at the last minute.

If you're running late, please SMS us to let us know: 0480 020 550

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